Corvallis British Car Club Events - 7June2014 covered bridge tour
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Hi gang, The bridge tour and wine taste tour went well aside from a small bit of trouble with Keith's MGA and Scott's Lotus. We left Corvallis about 15 minutes late as Scott had to trade his Lotus off for his MG Midget as the Lotus developed a coolant leak. We were off at last down 99W to Monroe where we took Territorial Road south through Elmira and on to King Estate Winery for a short stop and a taste of their wine. We did have to stop several times as the MGA would just die. The problem turned out to be closed points from lack of a tiny bit of distributor grease. We opened the points and were off again, but the damage was done and we had to make several stops to play with the points. Finally we tried a new set that seemed to fix the problem, but working on the road on a hot engine made it difficult and in the process a small washer was lost. It was needed to properly secure the points and later gave trouble as the points slipped and opened too far and caused another delay, but that was the last one. The country was beautiful, the sun was shinning and the bridges were cool and we finished with lunch at a small restaurant in downtown Cottage Grove. Jim Pott