From Ron's Archives and More Boeing 314 Clipper
This page added 28Dec2003 . From the Collection of William T. Larkins (Copyright)
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1938_NX16801_single_tail 1938_NX18601_twin_tails 1939_NC18602_Geen
1938_NX16801_sin... 1938_NX18601_twi... 1939_NC18602_Gee...
1939_NC18602_wtl 1940_NC18601 1940_NC18601_cu
1939_NC18602_wtl... 1940_NC18601.jpg 1940_NC18601_cu.jpg
1940_NC18601_wide 1946_NC18609  
1940_NC18601_wide 1946_NC18609.jpg

I am pleased to present these 8 photos (2 from the same neg) in 1024x680 format. Bill Larkins loaned me the negatives to scan. I very much appreciate his generosity and trust. His large format negs are a historical treasure.

The 314 was a marvel of its day and the most capable air transport when it entered service in 1939. The wing span was 152' and the length 106'. 12 were produced, most going to Pan Am. I for one am sad that none were saved at the end of their service.

These can be downloaded for your personal use. Please contact Mr. Larkins before publishing, including on the web. I can relay a message to Bill.

Additional Bill Larkins photos can be found here on Roger Cain's website.

Ron Olsen Dec. 2003