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To show some of the better photos from my collection and to feature some very good photos by other photographers.


Because adding photos is fairly labor intensive and because space for files is limited, I will need to invite the guest photographers. Please feel free to e-mail samples or URLs, good photos are always welcome.


One of the top sites on the web for large sharp photos of warbirds and other types is Mark Watt's Warbird Depot .
Of special note are the Desktop Calendars  and   Desktop Wallpaper.

I am in debt to Roger Cain and his SAH website for several web design ideas that I have incorporated here. You will find many great photos there also. Of special note are the photos from William T. Larkins' collection.    More Larkins' photos on Picasa.

Also highly recommended is Scott Rose's Warbird Research Group where you will find the Warbird Registry and the WIX forum.


From about 1958 to 1975, my good friend Harold Bailey and I gathered together a collection of 7884 aircraft photos. We also created a database of these photos. This was pre-PC era (think punch cards and mag tape) and that data has been converted to MS Access on my PC. I also have the collection. I took 4636 of the photos, Harold 2713, and other friends, sources and photo trades 535. (Aren't databases wonderful?). After 1975 we continued to collect photos at a slower pace; however, these are not cataloged.

We would shoot anything with wings, Cessna to 747, with a fair amount of military. My main interest was air tankers, Harold liked airliners best.


I was born in 1943 and we spent most of 1944 and 1945 at Marrianna Army Air Field, FL where my dad was based. We moved to Medford, OR after the war. By the mid 50s, Medford was home to some interesting aircraft, and Harold and I started riding our bikes to the airport and eventually taking a brownie camera. After college my wife and I lived in Portland from 1965 to 1978 and took photos there and made trips to other airfields in Oregon, Washington, BC, northern California, and Nevada (including Reno 68 and 73). We moved to our current Willamette valley address in 1978.

In 1975 I paid $900 for a XK120 Jaguar project and the car hobby became primary and aviation secondary until the mid 90s when aviation slowly returned to the top.

I am now focused on scanning my old slides and on displaying them on this new website. Have been trying to learn the best techniques to create and display digital images on the monitor and recently converted to Adobe Photoshop Elements. Am also interested in software to organize photos and caption info and to do slide shows.

I am a retired systems analyst, still happily married to my college sweetheart. We have 3 grown children.

    -- Ron Olsen, Feb. 22, 2002
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