From Ron's Archives and More Shuttleworth Sept 2002 (54 photos)
This page added 2/25/2003 . All photos this page by Doug Fisher
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247-4729_IMG.jpg 247-4784_IMG.jpg 248-4806_IMG.jpg
If your focus is on WWII warbird types then this Shuttleworth feature will provide a real change of pace.

You can read more about many of these aircraft on the Shuttleworth web site. You can also see their schedule which includes multiple air displays at Old Warden Park during the nicer months of the year.

I very much appreciate and applaud the Shuttleworth Trust's effort to produce, maintain, and fly this collection. It would be easy to imagine all of these being static display only, so we should cheer their decision to enthusiastically fly so many aircraft on multiple occasions each year.

Doug Fisher was able to attend the air display held on 1Sept2002. He shot about 1000 photos during a period of 5 hours and he sent almost all of those to me on a CD. My intention was to show about 30 pix, however, I was not able to get below the 54 included here, and that required tossing a great many excellent shots.

Doug is a Captain for Air Canada and resides with his family in Toronto. He is a member of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and Warbirds of America. His camera is a Canon EOS D60 digital SLR and the lens used for these shots was a Canon 75-300IS.

Thank you Doug for sharing these great photos.

I will be happy to forward visitor comments to Doug.

Ron Olsen 26Feb2003