From Ron's Archives and More Tillamook Air Museum (36 photos)
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The Tillamook Air Museum occupies a WWII USN blimp hanger. This is a jaw dropping structure and is worth the visit all by itself. See more photos and information on the hanger on the TAM website "Building" page.
Tillamook Air Museum aircraft:
1. *Aerovodochody L-29 Delfin N7149E ser 591328 WBD2 pg435
2. +Bell Jet Ranger
3. *Bellanca Air Cruiser 66-75 N2191K cn721
4. *Boeing/Stearman A75N1/PT-17 N65727 ser 75-4405
5. *Boeing 377 Mini-Guppy N422AU ser 15937
6. +Cessna 180
7. >Chris-Tena Mini-Coupe
8. *Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina N2172N Bu46522 WBD2 pg66
9. #Douglas C-47 N56V 33153 Tillamook Air Museum markings
10. Douglas DC-3 N737H 6062 2001 arrival
11. *Douglas A-24/SBD Dauntless NX5254L 42-60817
12. #Douglas A-26B Invader N3222T 44-34722R
13. *Douglas AD-4W Skyraider NX4277N ser 7850
14. +Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Bu11984 On Pole
15. +Fairchild GK-1 Model 24W-40
16. *Grumman/GM FM-2 Wildcat N58918 Bu86754 WBD2 pg153
17. #Grumman/GM TBM-3E Avenger N6447C Bu53575 WBD2 pg163
18. *Grumman/Columbia J2F-6 Duck N3960C Bu33559 WB47 pg35
19. +Grumman F-14 Tomcat Bu159848
20. *Hispano HA-1112M-1L N90602 C4K-130 ser 193
21. +Kaman HUK-1 Helicopter HH-43B on web pg
22. #Lockheed P-38L Lightning NL2114L 44-27083 ser 8273 WB41 pg50
23. #Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon NL83L 151501
24. #Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune N360RR Bu148360
25. *Martin AM-1 Mauler N7163M 22275
26. Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar Being restored in Texas
27. +Nord 1101
28. #North American TB-25N Mitchell N43BA 44-30456 WBD2 pg223
29. North American P-51
30. *North American P-51D Mustang N551D 44-14826
31. #North American AT-6G Texan N100XK 49-3326A WBD2 pg361
32. North American T-28B Trojan N28DE Bu138275 WBD2 pg309. Not in 2001 guide
33. >Quickie Homebuilt
34. #Republic P-47D N767WJ 44-32817 Being restored in Idaho 2002
35. SPAD XIII N/A S7571-4-18
36. #Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIIIc N58JE MT818 ser 729058 WBD2 pg396 Mk. Tr 8
37. #Vought F4U-7 Corsair NX1337A Bu133722 WBD2 pg422
38. +LTV A-7 Corsair II Bu158819

* Erickson Group Ltd.
# Jack A. Erickson
>In visitor's guide as "Other Aircraft on Display"
+On loan from NMNA Pensacola, or Dept of Navy