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Thanks Ron glad you like it, me too.

It is a 1960 3000 4 seater I got last summer. I saw the car about 10 years ago when one of Rita's neighbors sons, who was about 18 at the time, purchased it as a project car from his uncle. The head was off and the car at that time had not run in a long time. He was in an auto body class and was intending to turn it into a hot rod but thankfully all he did was take it apart some more and fix the dents in the trunk. It went to a storage place in Lebanon with the engine out and seats and what seems like every other part he took off piled into the cockpit. One of our club members Greg Smith who I had recently met generously offered his help and a trailer one Saturday to haul it back to my place.

The paint is not original but it is old. It is painted a Healey blue and the car was originally painted that color and robin blue in between. I plan to make it run and drive safely. No dates on anything too much to do just to make it go but I do have the transmission rebuilt and I am starting to put the overdrive back together and I just got the block back from the machine shop so I will put that together after the overdrive. Lots of other stuff to do while the engine is out and I have easy access to things there. It is 95% complete with only a few parts that got lost over the years. Very little rust as the car lived most of its life in K Falls. Most would be doing a total restoration and throw lots of money at this. I don't have lots of money but I think enough to make it go and my standards as you know from seeing the MGB are not high. I always dreamed of owning a Healey and this I figured this was the only shot I was likely to get. So I am living the dream at the moment but it is cold at night lately in the garage.

Yes I am keeping the MGB for now. One will have to go at some point.

6 Jan 2011