Corvallis British Car Club Paul Bartlett's 1936 Daimler
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Paul, Thanks for the photos and the e-mail with the Daimler's story (reproduced below). Best of luck getting it back on the road! Ron


Thanks for all your work on the website!

Attached are some photos of the 1936 Daimler.

I can trace the history of the car back to 1937 to a family in Northern England. The mother was the primary driver and the Daimler had the advantage of a pre-selector transmission which greatly eased shifting - when manual transmissions did not have synchromesh and required double-clutching.

By 1968 the son had emigrated to Canada, and his Mom in England was ready for a new car. The son arranged to have the Daimler shipped to Vancouver, British Columbia, from where he drove the Daimler to his home in Calgary. The Daimler had apparently never seen such mountains before so it was a long trip that included some overheating.

The Daimler remained in the son's garage until being sold in 2000, from where it eventually showed up in Portland at Memory Lane Motors.

The Daimler has 73,000 miles. From an oil change sticker, it appears that the Daimler has only travelled 500 miles since 1972. I had it running for some time but then oil started getting in the water. Problem was caused by rusted out freeze plugs at the bottom of the cylinder block. The freeze plugs were replaced and all was well until one of the freeze plugs must have come loose, causing the same problem all over again. This time I hope things will be better. So while engine is out I'm in the middle of doing other things, such as replacing the old wiring with a new wiring loom, and replacing the lines to the gas tank.

The car is not a show car but it is all original, has always been garaged, and has never been abused. I'm hoping to get the Daimler running yet once again(!)...

Sincerely, Paul
13 Jan 2011