Corvallis British Car Club Chad's 1959 Tornado Typhoon Sportsbrake
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Greetings Ron,

I haven't had the privilege of meeting you yet but Jay got me on the list and I look forward to attending an event soon. I am listed as having a 1959 Tornado Typhoon Sportsbrake and I thought I would send you some pictures in case you wanted to use them for the web site. I only have the body at this point, the man I bought it from had scrapped the chassis. The Sportsbrake was recently featured in Classic and Sports Car magazine, but I doubt if anyone in Corvallis saw it, since I bought all the copies Borders had in stock. I also Have 2 1972 XJ-6s, I'll have to bring one of them on a club drive.

I have had several british cars through the years including Series Land Rovers, Range Rover Classics, and MGB-GTs. Right now I would really like to find an MGB-GT... I'm on the prowl.

If you'd like to use any of these photos, great. I look forward to meeting you in the future

Chad Robinson, 18 April 2010