Corvallis British Car Club 4 June 2011 - Show Your British Car
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Hi gang, We had a great drive today. We had 9 cars, although we only had as many as 8 at one time. We had 2 MGs, 4 Triumphs, 1 Sunbeam Tiger, 1 Mini, and 1 Cobra. We gathered at C.V. and left at 11 on the dot. We headed on out to Buena Vista and on to Independence. On the way we lost Charles and his TR250. I didn't know that he dropped out until we were at the park in Independence. I hope he didn't have a serious problem. We had a great Mexican lunch and Barry and his TR6 joined us. After lunch, Bob and Barry went different ways and we were left with 6. We headed across the river and on to Ankeney Wildlife Preserve. We lost Jim and his TR6 there as he went on to see the ferry at Buena Vista. I had planned to take the ferry on the drive, but it was still closed. So on to Jefferson, Millersburge and Albany where we lost three more, Al's TR6, Barry's Sunbeam and the Cobra. Which left 2 MGs, Mark and I. I was planning on stopping at McMenimans when we got back, but when Marc pealed off and headed home, I did likewise and had a McTarnahan's when I got home. Here are my pictures.
Jim Pott